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Updated: 2016.03.17 04:46 UTC

Privacy Policy Statement

This website is a public information resource called The GIMPS Visualisation Tool.

This Statement details all information collected about any visitor to our site:

  1. We do not collect any personally identifying information of any visitor to this site
  2. We do collect the following information of all visitors:
    1. The requesting IP Address
    2. The time of the request of our server(s)
    3. The URL requested
    4. The number of bytes served
    5. The referring URL (if provided by the requesting client)
    6. The requesting client's declared "User Agent" string (if provided). This includes information such as browser type (Firefox, Internet Exploder, etc,) as well as the Operating System used
  3. We also use Google Analytics. Therefore, any visitor who has JavaScript enabled will have the following additional information collected for our analysis:
    1. The screen resolution
    2. The screen colours (256 colours, 65K colours, 16M colours, etc)
    3. The Flash version
    4. The amount of time spent on each page
    5. Please see Google's Privacy Policies at
  4. We also use Google Adsense to generate a small amount of revenue which partially covers our serving costs:
    1. Please see Google's Privacy Policy for Google Ads and the Google Display Network at
  5. We use all of the above solely for the purpose of optimizing our website for our visitors
  6. If anyone chooses to contact us:
    1. We will do our best to ensure that all such correspondence is treated with absolute confidentiality
    2. We will never pass on any contact details of anyone who contacts us to any third (or even second) party
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